Whitewter Rafting in Northern California

California Whitewater Rafting near

Mt Shasta and Redding

Whitewater rafting trips near Mt. Shasta and Redding are available March-October (rivers vary). Our trips feature spectacular views of Mt. Shasta, secluded locations, and abundant wildlife. Expert rafters can enjoy the Upper Klamath, and Scott River/Cal. Salmon combo, while adventurous first timers and families with kids can enjoy the Lower Klamath and Upper Sacramento.

See below for the location of trips in the Mt. Shasta area

Rafting near Weed:

The Upper Klamath River is one of the best Class 4 summer whitewater trips suitable for returning adventurous rafters. Beginning with 6 miles of mellow Class 3 rapids the river than continues for another 6 miles of Class 4+ rapids! The Upper Klamath is typically not crowded due to its location. We meet in Weed (12 mins north of Mt. Shasta) and travel into Southern Oregon for our put-in.

Rafting near Yreka:

The Scott River is a class 5 run for extreme & experienced rafters only found 1 hour south-east of Yreka. Mainly run in conjunction with the Cal Salmon (about 1.5 hrs to the west, also offering several class 4-5 rapids). This combo has amazing wildlife and unique rapids, the Scott has a short spring season as it is located on the drier eastern slope of the Slamon-Trinity Alps. The Cal Salmon meets between Willow Creek and Happy Camp and as the main run for this combo can be run by itself.

The Lower Klamath, known for its warm waters, swimming, fishing and abundant wildlife, has a long rafting season; April-October. 1.25 hrs west of Yreka, the Lower Klamath is great for families and first timers, the class II-III rapids are suitable for kids as young as 6. One highlight is the rainforest setting of Ukonom Creek up to the twin 20’ waterfall cascading to a swimming hole. We offer 2-3 day trips for a total of 18-28 miles as well as Family Specials.

Rafting near Mt. Shasta:

The Upper Klamath (above) is an adventurous run with class 4 rapids, located 11 miles north of Mt. Shasta in Weed.

The Upper Sacramento has a lot to offer with over 30 secluded miles of Class 3-4 rapids, amazing trout fishing, camping, and beautiful scenery. We meet at Sims Flat between Mt. Shasta (25 mins) and Redding (40 mins). 1-3 day trips are available. Good for adventurous first timers and veteran Class 3-4 rafters.

Rafting near Redding:

The Upper Sacramento (above) is 40 minutes to the north of Redding.

The Trinity River is the largest tributary of the Klamath River, flowing through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The Main Trinity River run provides 18 miles of class 2-3 rapids that can be run on a ½ to 2 day trip. Great for families, beginners and wilderness lovers; be sure to check our Family Specials. Access to this river is a little over an hour west of Redding towards Willow Creek. The Trinity River season begins in April and depending on rain can continue into October.

The Burnt Ranch Gorge section of the Trinity River is a serious class 5 run for rafters with solid class 4 experience. 1-2 day trips navigate 10-18 miles of river. Trips on the Burnt Ranch Gorge begin in June (sometimes July depending on rainfall), and is the only class 5 River run through September. Combine with the Main Trinity River to experience up to 36 miles of the Trinity’s 130 miles or with the Other California Rivers for a multi-day river challenge. Just under 2 hrs west from Redding.

Planning a rafting trip in the Mt. Shasta region:

Whitewater rafting trips in the Mt. Shasta can be combined with other many other activities to make a great get away for many occasions. The area information page for each of the rivers provides links to visitor information for accommodations, camping, wineries, mountain biking, hiking, restaurants and other places of interest. You can also access these area information resource pages through the site map.

Consider a Mt. Shasta rafting trip for the following:

• A family vacation with camping and additional activities for kids including swimming, hiking, and sluicing for gems at Mt. Shasta Cavers.
• Adventurous singles seeking some real adventure rafting, with other possible activities like mountain biking and hiking through the volcanic history of the area.
• Couples looking for a unique getaway with wine tasting, rafting, and plenty of outdoor fun.
• A quick get away while on a road trip for just a few hours or for a few days with a centralized Northern California location as well as close to Oregon.

A rafting trip in the Mt. Shasta region is also accessible for trips in the Gold Country, Sacramento and Redwood National Forest areas (all 2.5-3 hrs).

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