Truckee River rafting near north Lake Tahoe has some exciting Class 3 rapids near the end of the trip
Client quote about great time on Truckee River rafting trip

California Rafting & American River rafting - whitewater photos/video

California White Water Rafting Photo's/Video:

On most of our California whitewater rafting trips, professional photographers shoot at various locations on the river, and proofs are available for viewing soon after the raft trip. On some rivers these are also available for viewing online and links to these are shown below. We may also be able to arrange for the services of a company to shoot video, so please inquire. We will do our best to ensure memories of your California white water rafting trip are captured.

Middle & North Fork American River photos are online at this site. For South Fork American River, see Hot Shot contact us page for further details

Truckee River Photos for professional Truckee River rafting photos

For all our Truckee River photos, and some North Yuba photos


Middle and North Fork American photos will be online at this site.
For South Fork American River, see contact us page or online order form

During peak season, there will be some delay in getting your photos online, so we suggest you email the company from the CONTACT US page on their web site, if you are unsuccessful in finding them after 7 days. Also please check their web sites for information regarding estimated times for viewing the photos and time frame for receiving your order.

Middle Fork American River and North Fork American River Rafting Photos:

Use the Hot Shot Imaging or WhitewaterPhotos/VitaBoating links above to view photos of your Middle Fork American rafting trip. Most North Fork American River trips should also be available.

Truckee River Rafting Photos:

All Truckee River rafting photos are provided by Truckee River Photos and are available online for purchasing from the Truckee River Photos link above.

North Fork Yuba River Rafting Photos:

Both Truckee River Photos and Whitewater Photos/VitaBoating may be shooting photos on the North Fork Yuba River. From Mid-April to Mid-May, we can sometimes have the services of our own kayaker for photos and video. Call and ask us if interested in this custom service.

South Fork of the American River Rafting Photos:

Photos of the South Fork American River ARE NOT AVAILBLE ONLINE. The photographers decided it was not cost effective due to the huge amount of data involved. You can contact the photographers to obtain photos and CD's after your trip by mail, though they highly encourage you to purchase before leaving Coloma. Before you contact the photographers for photos of your South Fork American River rafting trip, you will need to know the company name (Tributary), section of river (upper/Chili Bar or lower/Gorge), date, guide name (or color of life jacket, hat etc), and color of the boat might help.

You can select the HotShotImaging link above or call them at 530-621-0400, or

Whitewater Photos/VitaBoating link above, email them at or call 530-626-8932 for information on what they have available.

Photos on other California Whitewater Rafting Trips:

Currently, photographers are not always available on rivers other than the American River and Truckee River, but we endeavor to have your rafting trip captured whenever we can. Please ask about the availability of a kayaker who can capture the action on any of our N. California river trips.

Bringing a GoPro or Waterproof Camera on your California Whitewater Rafting Trips:

You are welcome to bring your own GoPro camera on your white water rafting trip, or another Waterproof Camera. Be aware you are responsible for anything you bring on the river.
We do NOT suggest you bring your cell phone on the river to capture photo/video!
Suggestions for brining your own GoPro Camera: Bring your own mounts/attachments etc...Our helmets fit the straps for the GoPro helmet mount. We also suggest purchasing the "Floaty Backdoor" for the Hero's - this will keep your camera a float if it falls in the river - we have had clients loose their GoPro's without any floaty on them, which is not covered under our insurance (everything our clients bring on the river is their own responsibility).

Rent a GoPro Camera for your California Whitewater Rafting Trip:

We have partnered with OTW Cameras to offer you the option of renting a waterproof GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera and a helmet with a mount for $50/day.  All the equipment will be ready for you when you arrive at our meeting spot and they'll pick it up at the take-out.  DVD or Blu Ray disks are burned on the spot so you can take your video home with you that day.  For more information and to reserve a camera, go to

Photo Credits:

Most of the photos on this web site have been supplied by HotShot Imaging, Truckee River Photos, VitaBoating and CA Creeks. We are also grateful to those supplied by clients and guides.

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